Benefits of Blogging in Education

There are several references available on the Internet that discuss the benefits of using blogs for teaching. According to The Educators Technology and Mobile Learning (, students enjoy blogging for the following reasons:

  • “Blogging enhances literacy skills
  • Using a blog makes learning independent of time  and place
  • It gets students engaged and boost their motivation
  • It promotes their communication skill
  • Just like other asynchronous media, blogs give time to students to reflect
  • It makes teaching students oriented
  • It emphasizes the ” test and learn” and ” learning by doing” strategies instead of ” plan and execute ” ones
  • It fosters the learning bonds between teachers and students
  • It gives a chance to shy students to participate with their peers and get their voice heard
  • It keeps parents updated about their kids progress
  • It enhances home-school links
  • It gives students a genuine and potentially worldwide audience for their work.
  • Blogging gives students ownership over their own learning and an authentic voice allowing them to articulate their needs and inform their learning.
  • It contributes to identity-formation in students
  • Blogging  helps teachers develop professionally
  • It fosters the development of writing and research skills as well as digital skills”.


The Educators Technology and Mobile Learning (, retrieved on March 28, 2014.

– James Cantafio


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