How blogs are accessed

Under this topic, we discuss how blogs are accessed. Although there are many blog sites available, they essentially work the same way. The intent is to share and explain how to blog access so that you can access and use a blog to meet your teaching and learning needs.

Accessing Blogs

Blogs are easily accessed from any web browser.  There are many different platforms to create blogs.  WordPress, Wix and Weebly are just a few examples of free blogging platforms to easily create a blog for teaching and learning.  Students and teachers are able to access the blog by going to the blog webpage.  It is possible to limit who can see the blog through settings (ie: only students in the class) or it can be visible to everyone.

I will focus on WordPress to explain in greater detail how students are able to access the blog and the simple steps for teachers in creating a blog.

The general steps to creating a blog in any platform is described (shown as underlined) with a specific example to illustrate the task in WordPress.

How Students Access the Blog

Students can access the blog through any web browser.

The blog is easily accessible to students by going to in any web browser. Students are able leave comments to the posts by entering their comment in the “Leave a Reply” area:


How Can Students Post Content

Students are able to post content in the blog by going to the page they would like to post content and choosing the icon the post.

In WordPress, students can click on the “Add Post” icon, choose the type of content (ie: text, image, etc),  and then create the content.  Finally, by clicking on “Publish Post” the content will be added to the page.


How Do Teachers Create a Blog

Teachers can sign up for an account on the blog website to create a blog.

To start creating a blog in WordPress, click on the “Get Started” icon on the main page.


Enter in the required information, such as email address, username, password and the url for the blog. Click “Create Blog” and your blog is now all ready to add information.


How Teachers Access the Blog

Teachers are able to log into the blog to add content or make any required changes.

Once the blog is created, teachers will want to add content to the blog.  Teachers have the ability to log into the site by using the Sign In area on the homepage.


Enter in the information that you specified when you setup the blog. You will now be in the Administration area for your blogs. Click on My Blog along the top of the screen and the available blogs will be listed. To administer the MDDE 610 Group 1 blog, click on the blog name.


This will open a new window, displaying your blog. To enter into the Administration area, click on the Blog name (in our case, it is MDDE 610 Group 1), and then choose Dashboard.


Once in the Dashboard area, it is possible to manage your blog. Introduction videos are included to give a brief overview of the program.




-Pam Perry